Friday, February 28, 2014

Confidentiality laws require established relationships

We have seen an increase in the number of calls and emails about patient records that are coming from people other than the patient. The Colorado constitution forbids Registry staff from providing patient information to anyone other than the patient, with limited exception.

Representation for adult patients needing assistance

Patients who are unable to process their own paperwork may submit proof of relationship documents granting signing and decision authority to another individual (agent or guardian). All documents must comply with the issuing state’s laws.

1. To assign a representative or agent, please submit a Power of Attorney or Medical Power of Attorney that establishes the rights and responsibilities delegated to an individual for the care of the patient, and the period of time for which these rights are extended. We recommend an acknowledged (notarized or signed by two witnesses) copy. If the form is not acknowledged, it may cause delays for additional verification.

2. To establish guardianship send a copy of the certified, court-issued guardianship papers that include the full legal name of the guardian and the patient, and establish the time period for which guardianship is extended. The document must be a final order with the case number and legal agency’s stamp or electronic court seal.

Proof of relationship for patients under the age of 18

The number of applications for patients under the age of 18 has increased. With this increase, we have seen a trend in common errors causing delays in processing.

1. Incomplete proof of relationship documentation: The following are required to establish relationship and residency.
  • Social security number for the child
  • A copy of the certified birth certificate for the child
  • A copy of each parent’s and/or guardian’s current ID
  • Proof of residency for the primary parent/caregiver
  • Proof of out-of-state residence for any parents/guardians not living in Colorado
  • A completed Parental Consent Form  for all parents living in Colorado.
2. Incomplete documentation establishing sole custody or guardianship: When only one parent and/or guardian is listed on the minor patient’s application, a copy of certified court documents that prove sole custody must also be included.

3. Missing parental signature: All forms must be signed by the primary parent until the child is 18 years old. Forms with a signature other than the primary parent are rejected.

Please contact us if you have more questions about the application process

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